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Vertical check valves – KM 9901.1 117 (Z35)

Vertical check valve Vertical non-return valve (vertical lift-type check valve) – type KM 9901.1 117 (Z35) is determined to protect a pump against reverse flow of the operation fluid or when the pump runs idle. If the pressure of the fluid in the piping system after the pump exceeds the value of the pressure generated by the pump and the fluid starts flowing back, the disk closes the check valve automatically.

Technical specification
  • nominal diameter from DN 50 to DN 400
  • nominal pressure up to PN 400
  • temperatures from −50°C to +550°C
  • water with the exception of potable water
  • non-aggressive fluids (liquids, gases, vapours, air)
  • oil and oil products
  • gaseous fuels
  • inorganic and organic media
Connection types
  • flanged non-return check valves
  • butt-welding non-return check valves
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Butt-welding ball valve

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